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3G | Mobile - Beyond compression. True 3G creative revolution.

3G video is about a lot more than smaller screen sizes and compression. To deliver the best user experience and increase brand awareness in the mobile environment, content often needs to be re-purposed, not just compressed for wireless devices.

This means, for example, that your video sequences and commercials may need to be re-edited to account for differences in viewing formats. This is especially true if your content was created for TV or the Web. Close-ups of your products, scene transitions, filter enhancements, logos and type may need to be adjusted in post production to ensure that the video results in the best 3G experience.

3G is not the same as TV or Web broadcasts. Unless 3G video is tailored from the ground up to the unique requirements of mobile devices, it will quickly annoy your audience.

advancis.studios specializes in post-producing and delivering rich multimedia 3G experiences for GSM and CDMA networks using 3GPP (.3gp) and 3GPP2 (.3g2) formats, the new worldwide standards for creating, delivering, and playing multimedia content over 3G mobile networks. Based on MPEG-4 and H.263, these standards offer the best solution for compressing and delivering video, audio (AAC, AMR) and TEXT (TEXT3G) to the new generation of wireless devices.

Content is compatible with multimedia phones offered by the top manufacturers around the world, including:

* Motorola
* Nokia

* Sanyo
* Panasonic
* Qualcomm

* Sharp
* Sony Ericsson
* Toshiba

Discover the advancis difference and stay one step ahead of your customers' changing expectations.

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