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Web videos | Keeping visitors glued to the screen.

By cleverly shifting the focus from delivery to content, advancis.studios is radically enhancing the impact and selling power of web videos. To deliver compelling experiences and captivate audiences, web videos must be more than just compressed videos; their content must also be re-purposed for the Internet.

advancis specializes in re-editing and post-producing videos to create web videos that deliver a stronger punch. Think of it as producing the "Web Director's cut." Close-ups of your products, scene transitions, filter enhancements, logos and type settings are reviewed and adjusted as necessary to ensure that the final video grabs your viewers and keep them glued to the screen.

Once the content has been fine tuned, it is time to facilitate its viewing. This is where expertise in the latest compression technologies and understanding of the online markets translate into optimal penetration and compatibility. Regardless of the platform and operating system used, your company takes center stage because the audience is not distracted by the technical aspect of the experience.

If your web videos are still identical to their TV versions, contact us to discover the difference the Web Director's cut can make.

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