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HD monitor
HD | Stunning High Definition. None of the complications.

1080i60, 1080i50, 720p60, 720p30, 720p24, interlaced scanning, progressive scanning, compressed, uncompressed, etc... HD can become very complex, very quickly. For many companies, the complexity of HD and the variety of HD formats are the last obstacle to incorporating the beauty of High Definition videos in their communications programs. Plus, with complexity usually come elevated costs and long production / post-production times; at a time when campaigns must be developed and executed faster than ever, these constraints can put HD out of reach for many.

Yet, High Definition is here. From HD DVDs to HDTV broadcasts, consumers and professionals love the astonishing quality of High Definition. And they are hungry for more.

advancis.studios has streamlined the HD workflow process to allow you to satisfy your prospects' appetite for everything HD. Finally, your products and services are shown in superb video quality. Your company has never looked this good on screen.

Simplicity also means minimum generational quality loss as your content is prepared for editing and distribution. Simplicity also means that you can focus on increasing the selling power of your content without being paralyzed by the complications associated with working in High definition.

Discover the advancis difference! Contact us today and stay one step ahead of your customers' changing expectations.

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