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DVD | Hollywood-quality DVD authoring for the corporate world.

When it comes to DVDs, Hollywood and other major movie studios around the world have been forming the viewing habits and expectations of your prospects. Even if your products and services have nothing to do with motion pictures, the quality of your DVD will be compared to that of the top movie titles which have become the de facto point of reference.

As the number of households who abandon VHS tapes in favor of DVDs continues to soar, companies are faced with the realities of developing high-quality DVDs to promote their products and services in order to avoid distributing DVDs that may reflect poorly on the quality of their offerings or their corporate image.

advancis.studios has put in place a streamlined DVD authoring system to bring Hollywood-quality post production to the corporate world. All in record time. From advanced MPEG-2 video encoding to astounding motion menus and transitions, advancis delivers premium DVD authoring services for both standard DVD as well as mini-DVD formats.

Choose between PAL and NTSC encoding for effortless worldwide distribution. Deliver 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) formats to ensure the best viewer experience.

Plus, you will also enjoy the latest advances in DVD technologies including the possibility to incorporate Web interactivity within your DVD for maximum impact. And that's not all, advancis is already working hard on bringing you the next-generation of DVDs (HD DVDs) for unparalleled image quality.

Discover the advancis difference and stay one step ahead of your customers' changing expectations.

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